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Considering that the memory and the amount of people benefiting from them Mghzshan different levels, but women remember details of events to bring more accurate act.

Health News reports quoted the researchers said in October every human aging may be difficult to some extent forgotten, but for recent update shows that in this case take place in women more than men. In other words, women's events bring a full Trbh learn.

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Kuwait welcomed the press «Prophet Yusuf» [March 6, 2009 02:55 AM]

Fars News Agency: Daily «Eldar» Kuwait serial Hazrat Yusuf (AS) from the historical and dramatic masterpiece of the most beautiful story of Al-Qasas Qur'anic outlined.

Fars News Agency reported, quoting the Public Relations and Information of the Islamic Culture and Communications, newspaper «Eldar» Kuwait yesterday in the cultural sector in a half-page report with color images published figures exhibit serial Hazrat Yusuf (AS), the invention described innovation and attractiveness of this serial and historical events and moral lessons informative and pointed out that the greatest masterpieces of dramatic and historic story of the most beautiful Quran Al-Qasas and resources of historical films from the Shiite and Sunni sources Mvsqtryn be mentioned.
The report also attempts «Farajollah warrior», director serial, drag the image to the village Fdan, as beautiful palaces and pyramids in the holy town cinematic and interviews with three thousand people find the appropriate character of Hazrat Yusuf (AS), which has standards and beautiful appearance and internal characteristics is selected and qualified artist and son Mostafa when Dayyash, Hossein Jafari, acting in the role and participation of 180 children of Hazrat Yusuf artist film stars chosen for implementation of the main roles alongside other artists value the institution.
This serial Mkhatbtryn full of soap Kuwait is Arabic Alkvsr most of the network and block some views Kuwaiti media figures, CD or video tape for the operation and display television Aldalh of Consular Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran in Kuwait requests have.
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Case for a woman with young boy 13 year old girls to share their data and the scene of her rape video daughter had the charge of adultery and rape in the Department of Criminal Court in Tehran province. The 32-year-old woman for that relationship with his son 25 years old girls do not cut the Nvjvansh forced marriage with their friends had. Last week a man referring to the fifth branch of Tehran criminal court Dadyary screen crime and her husband harvest Shkaytsh said: my wife for three years as it has to hide with a young boy and for that year do not reveal his hidden daughter, my 13 year old in force This has provided young. The man continued: a while before I realized my wife suspicious behavior. Behavior had changed his life and was cold. Find reason to change this behavior that my wife was four months before the little girl was to change behavior. Days, my wife at home on the girl and will lock Bzrgm with my 13 year old daughter Samira place are unknown. Plaintiff added: the neighbors heard was that my wife has a relationship with a young man but did not ensure this topic. For this reason I wanted my husband to cause him to change the behavior of local and went there with my daughter to do the identification. But the vocational behavior of my wife so that I understand the matter Nshvm. The man continued to ask the girl Kvchksh adventure he finally confessed to the edge and opened the year with his mother hide young 25-year-old named Ahmad Curtain harvest. Samira Ahmed Drkhsvs relationship with his mother and his mother the judge said crimes: four months ago, one day my mother came to my school and I let the manager was. The way that young man that I went anywhere of us shall be pursued. When I told my mother to the answer he said that young man knows and begin to tell him be. When our home Mdym young boy was also there and my mother for the will of him. A young man was determined that the name is Ahmad will rape me. The solicitation of his mother and I had no effect. Ahmad said of the mother of thee to marry. 13 year old daughter continued: After my mother Mjbvrm this topic that I am against Tjavz·hay Ahmad resistance. He even once while Ahmad I shall begin to exceed the scenes video I will harm. The complaint raised with being born Gandhi Qazi Ahmad Dadyar Fourth Branch Crime Prosecutor's Office ordered the detention of Ahmad and mother criminals issued after a week surveillance defendants were arrested yesterday. Judge ordered the detention of Ahmad Inspection Home Inspection issued in connection home films the scene with the young boy and the girl's mother was discovered. Judge after his arrest, the defendants began their interrogation of Ahmad who said: One day three years ago on a street in east Tehran harassment that young man for this woman because in defense of the same young woman I was involved with the son of the day we started the year category. After the young woman for three years so that his relationship with me closer to 13-year-old daughter decided that his marriage Drbyavrd that I started this adventure was. Young woman also said that Ahmad deny claims against the club a year and met with Ahmad limit their phone call is. Gandhi born after the judge interrogated the defendants said: this woman for that Ahmad's relationship with his daughter is closer for the defendant in that case was given to Ahmad tried to rape the women and rape charges in the rape and Vice adulterous Adultery criminal court, was sent to Tehran.
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Number of eyes you knew the number reaches 12 Scorpio

I knew from that of mammals except humans and monkey, the colors do not correctly diagnosed?

I knew the effect of keeping people in the wake of apple in the night is more than coffee and caffeine?

I knew that the density of the planets in the solar system the earth is more?

I knew the first phone call in 1285 solar year was established in Tehran?

I knew that when each person eating on average 295 ingurgitate action will do?
I knew that from the Earth surface to center is about 6370 km?

I knew that sleeping less than 6 hours and more than 8 hours, the risk of diabetes increases?

I knew that kind of sharks teeth with 3500 is that no one does not use them?

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Kashan one of the oldest and most historic county of Isfahan Province is known to be the tourism villages and desert regions and has many natural. Nyasr Qmsr and that most areas Azmrvf tourism and floriculture and making of rose water as ecotourism, are located in this county. This season flower areas and beautiful landscapes are very Badi'ozaman Vahaly help tourism institutions and organs with the commissioning of local festivals are خيل Hospitality to visitors. Kashan Gharnyasr one of the few Sarbastany and natural attractions that most Azmhm region is known to be. One of the cave of wonders and ancient Nvadr is about 1800 to 2000 years ago and over the mountain vulturous calcareous hills overlooking Nyasr Kashan and probably order religious purposes as stone tunnel and round the primary tool block is. Kashan one of the most ancient times Find Posts of the human culture and civilization of ancient in its findings, this article confirms. Works obtained from Kashan Silk hill that about 6500 thousand years ago in the area people live in the stone and bone tools are built. Prazrsh most of this period the work remaining, Chaqvyy categories is in the form of a human bone in praise is carved. Find the first clay imprint of the fifth millennium before the date belongs, in the hills have come Silk Kashan. Also discovered among samples of red clay color Silk also has the eye eats Ornaments Shop as black spot and is smoked. Old art pottery in the casting of the county remains from that era can be found. Clay with some black roles of 4300 years BC and clay with some black and prominent role in the year 3800 BC, the old remains of this industry shows. In addition, the copper tools of 6200 years ago remains Dyryngy indicates that the industry is in this county. All the left of the period before the project, including carpet Drmvz·h hunting manual Vienna Austria, silver tray kashan graver work that the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston are kept, the role and image of beautiful constructions of the excellent professors in Isfahan Qapv kashan artist is old manual indicates this is the county. Kashan today in various handicrafts and production value is that in addition to domestic consumption of exportable items of the country is. From among these handicrafts can be the carpet weaving, making rose, casting clay, tile making, etching Vmsgry, pen work, textiles, painting, velvet weaving, silk weaving, ceramics, metal industry, carpet weaving, blanket weaving, brick types of sewing and construction including: دوزي role, in Zghrh دوزي, دوزي cashmere, brocade دوزي tears, دوزي, applique, Lndrh دوزي Khatami, passementerie, a ten دوزي, tinsel دوزي, دوزي pearls, blue دوزي, Silk دوزي , Morvarid دوزي, cocoon and دوزي Shrfh دوزي pointed.
Form and historical places
Kashan combination of nature and glorious cultural heritage of beautiful attractions such as the low for the development of tourism and the tourism boom. Kashan one of the oldest and most historic county of Isfahan Province is known to be the tourism villages and desert regions and has many natural. Nyasr Qmsr and that most areas Azmrvf tourism and floriculture and making of rose water as ecotourism, are located in this county. This season flower areas and beautiful landscapes are very Badi'ozaman Vahaly help tourism institutions and organs with the commissioning of local festivals are خيل Hospitality to visitors. Kashan Gharnyasr one of the few Sarbastany and natural attractions that most Azmhm region is known to be. One of the cave of wonders and ancient Nvadr is about 1800 to 2000 years ago and over the mountain vulturous calcareous hills overlooking Nyasr Kashan and probably order religious purposes as stone tunnel and round the primary tool block is. Kashan Fin Garden of Kashan most valuable historical works that have survived from the Safavid period Brjay and gardens in terms of Layout and special water supply is important. Mosques old mansion Find majestic architecture such as low, Atashkadeh history and old caravan Srahay other form of County Find this always come with friends and cultural tourists attracted to and Kashan in one form among most county Find Isfahan has. Online domestic and foreign travel to the region and visit the many historical and natural attractions that, while familiar with rich culture kashan beautiful memory in your mind will.
Industries and Mines
Industries can spinning factory and knitting, Carpet, Qndsazy, and plastic to name Blvrsazy range. Together such as the County Mines: Copper, Iron (Nyasr), barium sulfate, green vitriol, salt, marble stones, travertine and there. Kashan handicraft industries as the most important part of this region to form the. Find a carpet when the world's precious and desirable to speak up, especially carpets Iranian carpets Find Isfahan and Kashan and Tabriz are Derakhshandi. Kashan carpet one manual and historical province of Isfahan is a notable cause of art world fame in centuries past to today is. Kashan is a city with a favorable climate in the western desert margins of salt during the centuries very beautiful and expensive carpet production and export price is has. Find Carpet Kashan indicates the area of taste and taste and with precious carpets weave wool fibers, silk and gold wire County is the conventional art. The industry and the beautiful world of fiction because the world believe virtuoso collection of the works of various arts of previous centuries, the most artistic heritage of Iran's hard-working artists gone by Kashani Taraghi climax and perfection is reached. Carpets are old art with the very high extinction of the Safavid era, but was almost abandoned about 100 years ago and again down the path of prosperity currently enjoy many great and value is.
Carpet weaving is one of very old and common professions people of Kashan, which is long over Trmrdm most important source of income of this county has. In addition to this important industry manual, produced by cotton and wool carpets and investment have also prevalent in many it is. Kashan carpet weaving workshops in the home is done. Each house one or two machines, and there Darqaly big family, four to six will be found. Qalyhay in Kashan Carpet of the best aspects of adornment are, carpet texture of fine cotton or silk and carpet nodes, fine and very close to it are. Cause the carpet to this area are very durable. Kashan carpet and sex Dvpvdh the node shall use English. Find preparation for the cream carpet County, very good quality wool is purchased from Kermanshah and precious pieces of wool are Darthyh Kirk. Projects for local times, the silk used in sericulture in Kashan is done with. Find Kashan carpet nap Chynnd and the short parts of sheep wool or silk are produced are very short nap. Carpet Kashan city and villages of this county 40 × 40 nodes, each 5 / 6 cm is equal to 5 / 15 × 5 / 15 inch is in knots. Villages Drabad Rug 5 / 1 × 20 / 2 is woven carpets in urban workshops in all common sizes to 12 square meters is produced. Kashan Rug wall are woven with silk and the wall hanging for use. Find carpet carpet called Mohtasham Find the best type of carpet are considered. Kashan carpet carpet with the highest export figure of the allocation plan with the specific role of various tiles and that many of the Dark blue canvas, picture, Shah Abbas, Lachak, bergamot, spray, bergamot sanctuary, Arabesque Projects, stem, flowers, palm trees, flowers, yellow, and leaves شكوفه, asymmetrical roles, pot, trees, bush or be Zkrnd preserve. The role of design medal with small flowers and foliage alone style of Herat, is seen in a very visual, but carpets are less prevalent. Find some of the wool or silk Kashan carpet design with very pleasant include bergamot are oval in the center of the corners just as Lachak main field is repeated. Find the color Kashan carpets have the special resplendency. Carpet in this area clear and blue colors of red and beige, or degrees and dairy Colors field, and to form the different colors and light garlic, create conflict and internal design is used. Sometimes I dentinal the color is used. Gyryglab Qmsr rose kashan Dartryn name of the rose in terms of reputation of this area with a carpet to equality. Qmsr addition to the carpet weaving, the main work forever and it is the planting and raising the pay Golmohammadi. This work is one of today's activities and the annual rose Qmsr the credit is all Iranians. Find rose water provided throughout the Golestan in Iran and neighboring countries have a reputation and one of the most selected and rose water is Trha. Rose water in the area making workshop and home is done by family members. Flowers all season in the Chinese family members to help each other in Golestan to pay ripe flowers. Golestan any, only 20 days during the year is Chinese flower.
Find local flower arrangement in the collection and after a few hours, that's the boilers are on the kiln, are found. Kg for all three goals, four times the water boilers are added. On boilers, cover pan and cook the flowers are placed around it and the dough with flour and pulp Flower (Flower Bin) is Bndnd. Boilers, and flowers will be Pzd steam and mud holes down into trough ني some of bamboo and copper to pitcher, who is located within the cold water rivers, is Ryzd. Due to cold water and liquid Steam rose to become available is comes. Pear that the first moments and by evaporation, comes to hand is very good quality and good smell and it is a thick level of perfume while there rose out of the pitcher, by dropper, isolated from rose be. Concentration rose ها be desirable, depending on the size of flower is found in boilers and also has a number of harvest, rose perfume only pitcher first, and comes to be the next pitcher Find Golab, not perfume.
Clay casting of the most long-standing manual kashan that it goes back several Hzarsal appear to be BC. Clay with some black paint from the role of AH 4300. M. and clay with some black and prominent role in the year 3800 BC, hill Silk indicates that progress remains pottery industry during the casting is. Find the first clay imprint belonging to the fifth millennium before the date and the hills Silk Kashan obtained, with vertical and horizontal lines (in imitation of basket weaving) is. Also discovered among samples of red clay color Silk also has the eye eats Ornaments Shop as black spot and is smoked. The simplest type of pottery making, work is what first seems very difficult to. First, soil, chose a very fine sieve, and spent a soft hand is. Then it must be silica sand or a mountain or software that «Porcelain Stone» is known be mixed. Then the container should be the role of the glaze is Pvshanyd. The glaze must soft yoghurt and cream and more heat of the body within Bchsbd good. After that role can order on the surface or within the plan will carve. This work was done because within the glaze with metal polish will. The glaze can be in copper or tin or lead. When the polishing rate to a certain temperature and see the water is clear or opaque coating or glass is converted Rainbow. Rainbow Painting Drsfal highlighted or inlaid Miniature makers to sixth and seventh centuries decorating expensive price plans for Memorial Field and the opportunity is given. Melt or by heating clay, delicate work that the risk is very wrong. Brittle container may soon be bend or break. Glaze mixture may not be correct. Temperature may be greater or less than is unnecessary, or later changed. If electric furnace with the machines set to be available, or if Danan chemistry or engineering, the smallest chemical interaction may have under this work is not difficult. But in all of these steps are done with Kamal problem was now in hand for many reasons and indications are clear that they are on the low losses in the clay itself is not easy work more, or unforeseen risks unbeknown is very. Therefore, it was natural that the secrets of art and skills of teachers that the difficulties have to carefully get the family and keep your city. One of the famous pottery making workshops kashan nearly three centuries the family has been a monopoly.
In this area there were facilities for this art. Fin Garden in جويبار best cobalt stone, because that is beaten as transparent particles are white and very hard, you can found. Skilled and diligent workers also convinced that there had caused the city of Kashan and the result was that the cause was مزيتي centuries pottery-making industry to be monopolized. Different style of Kashan, where pottery making was invented. Find within Mnqsh color transparent glaze was identical and electricity from the other cities in what was built was more than. Artists in this way to heat large parts learned were due to make Altar and the ceramic glaze Find unique Kashan was Vgvya Find all mosque and shrine or sanctuary of such a show can have some very delight. One of the most famous sanctuary ها and the signature Abvzyd you dated in the year 612. AH in the holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, and this is the holy shrine treasury stocks and wealth is famous. In fact, landscape mode so that the viewer creates وجدي bring the art world as it does not exist. The Altar and the pomp and show Jalal gateway towards the world is religious excitement. Past the sanctuary, sometimes Kashan pottery makers to cover all the walls or bottom of the adornment is made to tile. The tile is often the shape of stars and sometimes they cross the Turquoise is. In decorating designs that work go to mosques only abstract roles is common. Cross shape, but often this is repeated designs. However, each project types star, but all have a special method has been. Diversity plans that are often seen to gape. More Roles in this analogy there, but some such as the two tiles in the pipe axis Mzbvt museum is a general indication Rmytazh making far. Beauty and serenity of Roles in this sense is exactly the result that artists of that movement in this period and had faith in the exercise and practice of calligraphy exact they are preliminary and accessories, including the Professor Fan was measured.
Tile borders around them Phny learn that it was for mosques, palaces, and for prayer, poetry is written and the margins between the parliaments of the files were poems. Dr Bahrami said that just like the tile sheet strength over the book is identical. Some of these posts, like two pieces of tile in the Cairo Museum and the Museum are recorded in the Close, including the historical time in the diagnosis and determination of this important working clay helps the researcher. Therefore, and Projects in the making Mihrab used in other objects such as cutty bowl and use the well located and this indicates that the objects of the same tile manufacturers has been designed. Kashan pottery makers who never before went their were not satisfied, continuous innovation and development work and decorative arts were his. These artists not only written to highlight Find enamel painting on adding points but also more serious subjects and the field they enter. For example, the campaign landscape with wavy flag, when war and overlap and walking and riding compound gates and opened the city, signs of readiness for battle is as exciting shows. The Miniature Art Tile Making with clarity and perfection of all colors and variety of feelings and internal casting has effect. Kashan professors for customers than rich decorations were identical to the work. Examples of currently available is that they court and said the scenes and dialogue is Drbaryan role. Shah born in this House or files that the tone and sumptuous garment or halo around his head and back there in the flowery surface is golden role. Amir Shah and the image sample births idea and principles of moral and social evening that is.
Prnqsh most of adverbial remains of pottery scene is surrounded by a castle of the great role within the container and is now in the Freer Hall. The House of prophethood of historical events shows. Can name that's called, but people are not historical comparison, this scene is representing heroes. City wall chart is completely sudorific Projects. Many people live fully and in effect is moving and they are scenes of war and large military history course will be clear. Of course, not be said that the makers of Miniature Houses exact age in making such a huge success and results are numerous. Except the edge of design, not by painting the scene within a relationship is not in shape and composition of the building or regularity is observed. Behind the scenes within the hunting shows and include files Predators Shkarhay strong foundation in the bulk or the designs are on the march in the shade is pulled clear. The role of common method is the longtime, is more satisfactory. Margins of the courses including the كتيبه or Kufic is also beautiful. In addition, the plans for luxury, professors Kashan pottery maker within some different style of comments they made taste, and beauty is remarkable. Specific type is very thin and light. ها within the highest peak on the base and has been regular or fine and shapely Brightener walls are also on the shape they reverse gives the alarm. Most experts have told us that within the «most beautiful pottery making is a format». The samples often written some lines in the radius that is they and Projects that alternately ring them on the spot and sometimes Zinat are very thin line and the rain leaves flowers will be in intervals they located. Sometimes inside the container with Arabic inscriptions of tile altar adapted ها Arasteh is the color of this dish is very Matin, because only black and blue on white is Sadafi role.
Kashan mines of lapis abundant in the south there will be used. The stone was later taken to China and where the name of «blue Mohammadi» were known in China Khzayn protect like gold, but use of this material requires special accuracy in combination with other materials was. In the eighth century sapphire plan for common areas and was common, makers of pottery and clay tiles and container design with fine white gold is on the text Rastnd. Cruse of several technical and tight lattice that is left outstanding most examples of art of pottery making Kashan River. The outside shell has ها within the lattice and the way animals and plants live body shows. Reticulate in technology within the mid-sixth century was Kamal. This art so difficult that even today it is not easy technological expression. Perhaps the origin of art is to make light. The most excellent example of this work is the pitcher or you belong to 612 years. AH. Metropolitan Museum now reserved. Aforementioned date when this type of representative pottery Kamal point was reached.
Art of tile making from the land of the ancient arts of the old era Bablyan it appears.

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[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:15 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]

Natanz County Historical regions important one Isfahan regions that form of books and historical value and beauty of nature has. Important and historic village of Palm Tree in the area with several mosques and historic architecture with interesting and important form of Natanz to tourism in terms of rows of regions known as the province has. Occupation Natanz people is agriculture and ranching. Natanz County in various handicrafts production is most important that they Farshbaf, pottery, ceramics and Kargahchyny making, spinning and weaving is Vcharvq دوزي. Carpets long prevalent in the area and have mostly carpet Find Natanz has Trhkashan Vnqshhay Lachak, bergamot, almond, Shah Abbasi, Afshan, broken branches preserve, torpedo, and are Salimi. The same purpose a few years is that a carpet company in the city of Natanz and established a carpet export supply is not significant.
Form and historical places
Natanz County Historical regions important one Isfahan regions that form of books and historical value and beauty of nature has. Important and historic village of Palm Tree in the area with several important mosques and historic architecture with interesting and important form of tourism in this region has several times. Tomb building and old Atashkadeh Course Sassanids, corner of the form of books and historic locations make up the region.
Industries and Mines
Industrial Machinery Natanz include: Porcelain and ceramic factory, factories and spinning Bafnd Gay. Natanz in County mines copper, lead, coal, marble, stone, lime, gypsum, salt and silver there.
Agricultural and ranching
The area of agricultural grain products, beans, Seifi, Chghndrqnd, potato, cotton, tobacco and fruit species is. Natanz pear in terms of quality, important and notable is the rarity of Natanz
Natanz from north Jzn Abadi, Chymh to the West, the East Village to Nsran and south pit Abadi Razan is limited. Height from sea level in this city a thousand and 650 meters and the air distance from Tehran is 248 km. The most important mountain County Natanz, which Blndtrynkvh vulturous mountains of central Ayrannyz River. Western and southern areas at Natanz, and has a mountainous climate and Srdsyry Vkhavry its northern areas, with beach and climate is temperate. Natanz is cold air and water, agriculture and drinking it, the canal, wells and springs are provided.
Appellation, and historical background
Name Natanz previous «Blydq» or «Blydyk» means Baladeh city or small, in the name of this great city of Kashan and compared the data were Ardestan. According Hamdollah Mostowfi, ruler Natanz «Vshaq» Name the occasion and have a castle or city of Natanz in the past is also known as Vrshaq. 7 E century. AH near Natanz present, the name of a great village, there are ways that a city like Hmvy star has been told and Ghazvini, expensive industry to build the tool from the fine skills of ebony and ivory handicrafts and many have them Other cities will have been issued.

Nature Drshhrstan Natanz

Numerous seasonal rivers in the county current Natanz not be important. Important Brzrvd River County, Badrod, Jvb wind Rngan, flowers Abad, Marsar, Hnjy range can be up. Mountain river Brzrvd helmet Snowy Tree Village West and the source of the irrigation to Find Palm Tree Village, edging, culture, Kmjan, Yarnd and Hnjy name is Hnjy route along the East and the land surrounding the wind leads to.
Cheshme Abbasi Natanz
Abbasi one spring springs important Natanz County County is located in the north and around the green space has created.
Mountain vulturous (Natanz, Kashan)
Mountain 3895 meters in height vulturous County Find Natanz and Kashan vulture is the highest mountain and the mountain peak is considered 12 km Southwest Natanz is located. The Mountain Road from the north by car I Kashan - Delijan Ardehal joins the Mountain Road and the car I Natanz - Ant Khvrt it from the south will be limited. Belonging to the northern mountain areas and areas south of Kashan Natanz County belongs to the many villages that are scattered Durrani. The most important villages in the area vulture Mountain Village, is the Tree. Rvdhayy originates from the mountains are often dry, they are more than Rudy. The amount of rainfall from 200 to 400 mm Mountain is one of dry and semi dry areas is considered the mean annual temperature is 5 to 15 degrees. The vulture must climb Mount Road Natanz password urea and urea and then climb from the valley to the village during the way Malraux Bydhnd path will continue. In addition to the mentioned way, the car crossing the path I kashan Hnjn Bydhnd and then climb to the peak of the way through the village Bydhnd Malraux, urea, is another route.

Mosques and religious schools Drshhrstan Natanz

Palm Tree Mosque (Natanz)
Palm Tree Palm Tree Mosque in the village and north-western mountain range 28 kilometers vulturous Natanz is the most important monument of the village and the long and often there is a repair. Altar of the Great Mosque is built of walnut inlay is beautiful, a prominent Quranic inscriptions with the name of the founder, Maulana Rumi Zaldyn son Mohammad Baha 776 and date you. AH there. The roof of the mosque as some board walnut map regular geometric square shape and design with beauty and frames are used. The mosque is the oldest monument, and inlaid wooden pulpit that you in 466 years. AH made and the Kufic inscription is written. Last year 1311 this building repair you. By Professor AH Bidgol Safar Ali has been done.
Mosque Przlh Tree (Natanz)
Tree located in the village mosque Przlh and seems that is part of the Safavid. Including building a mosque Shabestan Stvndar puncheon and coated flat wooden columns and doors with old carving, and that some of كتيبه they are written. East door of the mosque inscription greenhouse is open to you 701. AH is the carving is beautiful adornment. Katibeh door to the mosque you 1058. Emad AH and dedicated name is Rumi. The mosque كتيبه to 950 years to you. AH is.
Sometimes need Mosque (Natanz)
Need in the village mosque, sometimes the Tree and seems that is part of the Safavid. Including building a mosque and covered columns Shabestan Tyrchvby is flat. Columns Shabestan wooden entrance door and the carving and to you 953 years. AH is.
Mosque Haj Qasem Tree (Natanz)
Haj Qasem Srpshth neighborhood mosque in the city of Natanz, and the constructions built by Haj Seyed Qasem, Haj Seyed Ebrahim Zavareh child or you in the year 1280. AH is. Haj Seyed Ebrahim after his father died, this mosque was built to his name. Of two mosque courtyard entrance is below alley surface is located. For this purpose the voltage of the symbol string from the water aqueduct aqueduct Khajeh Ghassem mosque courtyard in the decision. Shabestan three springs that formed east of the springs has two floors. Full frontal on the altar and flower tiles can «year 1280» the - date of mosque building is - called. Shabestan doors that open to the courtyard are the kind of role netted eight square wooden penis and vocabulary are.
Natanz Mosque Khajeh
Khajeh this neighborhood in the city center and located in Natanz attributed Khajeh Ghassem Mostowfi, but the dedicated Content Haj Seyed Morteza letter dated 12 Rabi village or you Jamadi year 1222. AH is clear that His mosque has been created. Old building mosque built two floors and has vaulted bedchamber Find Stvndar has been coated, but the very tolerance and failure in 1360 Shamsi degraded and a new building was built instead.
Mosque Afvshth Tree (Natanz)
Mosque Afvshth with water storage and Daralsyadh old village, 2 km Afvshth and Natanz around a square shape is square. Seems that the mosque belongs to building T. Volume (HIJR ninth century) is the next course is widely reconstruction. The only significant effect of mosques, two pair of inlaid wood in the ninth century HIJR is now the tomb of Sayyed be kept aware of the similarity in these two carve seems both by Professor Ali Najjar Nqar be made. Considering that the private ownership of doors كتيبه text talk is probably the gates of the mosque elsewhere have been transferred. Corner of West Square, entrance with tile work and كتيبه sudorific كتيبه there in the name of his grandson and Shahrokh T. Ala Dawlah are listed. Building Daralsyadh to Hasan Ibn Hussein الحسيني and date you 849. AH ratio and the constructive system of Sheikh Hassan al-Din Isfahani building have mentioned.
Jame Mosque (Friday Mosque) Natanz
This place is a collection of several buildings at the time of the initial building Aljatyv Khodabandeh and his son Abusa'id Bhadrkhan have thus constructed. Different parts of the mosque from the year 704 to 709 HIJR has expired.
Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Samad date 707 HIJR
Ivan Jlvkhan in Khaneghah 817 and 716 (Article Khaneghah been destroyed and the effect left)
Mnarhay the date of completion is HIJR 725 years.
Andre indigestible about building the mosque in such a precise study said: that the mosque compound remained relatively reserved downtime is octagonal round bedchamber overlooking the foreground that Ivan has four sides of apron atrium and connected Nmazkhanhhay makes this different from the mosque North and East and South Alley Mhdv is thin because of large entries in front of mosque and minaret and port reaches the limit Khaneghah findings into a small field is in ruins west Khaneghah be seen that way is limited. Three entries are entries to a mosque and two entries, North, South, Mdkhlhay north side of the yard, but the level crossing south of words with twelve spacious atrium staircase is long, including the low points such as the architecture is that it is the axis on the apron and the bedchamber Ayvanhay northern and southern Ngshth is located in the midst of the southern wall back Ivan comment Sakhthand among other siding Altar apron mosque wide stairs to the subterranean reaches the original building along with a mosque built of brick and covered with lime is under Ivan North partial to the odd layer lines seems that the color line remains Nskhy is an old كتيبه.
Mir Mosque (Natanz)
This building in the western city of Mhlhhay Mir and the name of the same name located Kvchhay with transom and Rafi and Shabestan columns and altar modeling is precious. External dimensions Mosque 7 / 50 × 6 / 78 meters today as part of that has been destroyed. Mosque in the past that today has more space in the south east Vyranhhay mosque is evident. The entrance width of 107 cm, the two sides view decorative arch is two floors. Two hand Interior entrance to the two arch brick facade is insertion. Ceiling entrance with bricks significant role adornment found that edge Ktybhay it tore away the roof is struck, unfortunately, learned of the major كتيبه destroyed and remain Nakhvanast section. Input Shabestan the left of the entrance hall or corridor length and width of 1 / 7 × 6 meters, is located. Shabestan square in shape and length of each side is about 6 meters. This coating consists of 9 Shabestan small dome, four columns per cubic shape of a diameter of 3 / 17 m is located. Grade vault in the East and West, each placed three Rozane is.
Valuable effects in the mosque entrance, Mehrabi bed width of 1 / 64 and height 2 / 84 m with the flower and plant design and Quranic كتيبه edge is decorated altar. Interior arch كتيبه other bed is a sanctuary. Sanctuary on the roof almost mosque sanctuary bed small bed dimensions 67 × 48 cm, which is part of the most atmospheric effects has been corrupted. The sanctuary also designs, including flowers and plant and «La Allah Ella ghodratallah» leading to the bed is, is decorated. There is evidence that the sanctuary be two floors of this Bnast. Superelevation Icebox this point is the entrance. Considering the characteristics of the sanctuary seems that the principle of belonging to Seljuk period is the reconstruction of the Mongol period and the present entrance was built. No other parts mosque has historical value.

Ramgaha, and the Holy shrine Hadrshhrstan Natanz

Imam Ali Abbas Agha Zadeh Natanz
Imam Ali Abbas Agha born near Natanz Badrod have been one of the pilgrimage and sometimes that is credible Sdhy recent attention has been about its people. According to linear Tazkere Tomb addition two sons of Imam Musa Ibn Ja'far (AS) and Muhammad Ali Imam ten tons of other deaths that have been buried here. Apron and building a dome and portico of this building with ample booth Srahay many are extended. Late Pahlavis second hand, and endowments of the country, Silver and enamel Zryh Fund or the location of the Nzvrat prepared and the tomb is installed
Isaac tomb princes and Natanz Unspecified
Unspecified tomb princes with apron and Isaac, Ivan, and the fund netted wooden porch over the dome and tile work is made of conical polymorphism.

Castles, towers and Atashkadeh Hadrshhrstan Natanz

Sassanids temples (Atashkadeh Natanz)
Natanz Atashkadeh the Sassanid era has remained around the mosque Friday and between a garden and a private property is located. In this part of the platform height of two meters from ground level and the brief but interesting building works will be seen that the proportion and elegance to Column similarity Sassanid buildings are full. Column four of the seven columns of the four primary and one arch of the roof left and the rest have been broken down and poured. Two of the four rack or shelf level of the square to the upper arch dome are connected, remains. Each of the external dimensions of the sides 35/11 meters, 7 meters and the inside edge of each arch spans 69 / 5 m is. The principle of the carcass made with stone and plaster on it to apply.

Amar and ancient courtyard Drshhrstan Natanz

Abbas Abad Mansion and Gardens (Natanz)
Abbas Abad Palace and Gardens (preserve) the period of Shah Abbas, is large, the roadside is Kashan Natanz. The primary bone palace that was so strong and firm yet Brjay left. The Palace House and Bostan and summer travel times and preserve the time of Safavid kings, and now the farm has become private property.

موضوعات مرتبط: english
[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:14 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]
Kermanshah is one of Bastanytryn Mnatqayran shall be said by Tahmuras Deobandi - Pyshdadyan legendary king - is made. One of the cities of Kermanshah and Bastanytryn Thus, the comment form places special place in the tourism sector is the country possess. The other hand the diversity of climates and geographical situation of the natural attractions of this region caused by such a way that the total natural and cultural attractions in Kermanshah Kanvnhay as one of the important tourism has. People from Kermanshah language Farsi, Kurdish and Shi'a Kermanshahi and their religion, age, is Jewish and Assyrian. Tribal Areas of Kermanshah in Iran is considered an important role in the economy of the region play. In recent years a considerable number of nomads to an alternative life and agricultural employment have experienced especially in the cities and villages have found اسكان. Kalhor and Sanjabi tribe tribe celebrities including Kermanshah Shmarmyaynd. Nomads in Kermanshah Category 6 (Il) Kalhor, squirrel, Qlkhany, Zangeneh, and Zvlh Zrdlan (Balvnd) are divided. More Tvayf tribe and district Mahydsht squirrel squirrel in اسكان have found, to pay agricultural area summer Shahkvh Sanjabi tribe and river Qareh hand that continues to Rvansr. District wide this winter tribe of Khanaqin near Qasr-e Shirin, sinew and red oil city. The Kalhor tribe in the winter and summer homes in the rural pastures and villages around the following Khoram Siah (Cola) suffered.
Major employment KERMANSHAH nomads and animal husbandry and agriculture in addition to the tissue Kilim, carpet, black veil, Chygh socks, gloves and wool scarf that is prevalent in their products, especially in cities of Kermanshah offer. Kermanshah with nomads more than one million head of livestock part of the province and other regions needs supplies do. Kermanshah economy based on agriculture, animal husbandry and industries Astvarshdh is. Kermanshah long due to location and require special raw materials and accessories to people of the biological center of handicrafts and among indigenous people, talented and skilled people in any field have raised. Types of carpet and rug, Kilim weaving, دوزي Shoemaker, Chygh weaving, wooden accessories and instruments, scrimshaw, silver work, coppersmith, jeweler, leather making, felting pottery and metalwork in the range of prevalence and County enjoyed prosperity and long-standing products they most other parts of Iran and will be issued.
Form and historical places
Kermanshah is one of the most ancient regions of Iran and to the point of the comment form places special place in the tourism sector is the country possess. The other hand the diversity of climates and geographical situation of the natural attractions of this region caused by so that the total natural and cultural attractions of the city of Kermanshah province as one of the important tourism Center has Iran.
Natural attractions of this region include:
Mirage tagh Vsan: North KERMANSHAH
Mirage Qanbar: South KERMANSHAH
Sarab Niloofar: 30 km northwest of Kermanshah
Mirage Find Khafr: 18 km road Kermanshah - Sanandaj
Mirage helper: Kermanshah road - Rvansr
Gharasngran: 22-km road Kermanshah - Sanandaj
Prav cave: North KERMANSHAH
New cave Taylh: Bdrh - Mountain Yrzrd
Cave bug: Prav heights
Cave Rtyl: Path Kermanshah Krnd
Cave church: KERMANSHAH heights
Cave Mrshka: KERMANSHAH heights
Cave Myravy: KERMANSHAH heights
Cave Nvrvzkhan: KERMANSHAH constitute heights.
Also such monuments and ancient places in the county:
Deputy emphasizing MULK: Kermanshah
Paul Mahydsht: Kermanshah road - Qasr Shirin
Shahin Castle: 18 km road Kermanshah - Qasr Shirin
Castle off: Path Kermanshah - Rijab
Shit castle: the route of Kermanshah
Caravanserai Mahydsht: Mahydsht
Mosque: Kermanshah
Mosque Haj Shhbazkhan: Kermanshah
Mosque Dolatshah: Kermanshah
Prince Mosque: Kermanshah
Mosque Madaldvlh: Kermanshah
Mosque Badghis: Kermanshah
Motamed Mosque: Kermanshah form.
Industries and Mines
Industries in this county to county as well to two categories of Industries and Handicrafts factory is divided into different types of oil products, sugar and sugar, among the food industry and various carpet and rug factory, Kilim weaving, دوزي Shoemaker, works fine manually and pottery, including the county is considered to Snaysty. The most important are: the investment of a Karkhanhhayy government. Such as: 1 Bakhtar cement, sugar 2, located 32 kilometers Bisotoon Kermanshah, Hamedan, Kermanshah Refinery 3, Gas Turbine Power Plant 4, 5 wire and cable company Bakhtar, Milk Factory 6, 7, wool weaving كشمير, making drink Zamzam 8. B factory and workshop that is using private sector investment has been established that the most important factories, they milling, seed production company (Khvark livestock and poultry), biscuit making factories, industrial and medical alcohol, paint making, weighing equipment, casting plant and sack are weaving. Kermanshah County mines rich and the most important are:
1 Stone Find Marble in Dinawar, Firouzabadi Central Harsin
2 stone and carcass Malvn suburb KERMANSHAH
3 Stone Chinese
4 carcass calcareous stone include Shu Drhvmh Kermanshah.
Agricultural and ranching
Kermanshah with suitable natural conditions (nature and diversity followed by climatic variation), and due to having good quality soil, fertile plains, rivers and lush Srabhay one pole and permanent agricultural Iran. KERMANSHAH crops include: wheat, barley, legume, Vegetables, forage plants, almond, walnut, apricot, grape, and seeds. Klybalgh to 218284 hectares of fallow land and 5054 hectares of mature gardens in the county level there. Because over green pastures and nomads migrating region, animal husbandry has also the special boom. Animal husbandry and animal husbandry, including the very important economic activity is considered a county in Kermanshah. Poultry breeding and apiculture In this area is very prevalent and prosperity. Due to economic prosperity in agricultural sector, industry, animal husbandry and handicrafts and also to the communication situation in the country of Kermanshah, the County Center internal exchanges, especially with exertion provinces are also considered besides. That is why export grain, especially carpet, Kilim, skin, wool, animal oil, Shoemaker and industrial goods such as cement and some refined oil will play an important role.
County northwest of Kermanshah to Sanandaj Township, the Township of West Paveh Find and west of Islamabad, to the south and Chrdavl Shirvan County, east of the county and Kangavar Find Asadabad and northeast to Songhor County is limited. Center in Kermanshah, in 4 minutes and 47 degrees longitude and geographical width 34 degrees 16 minutes is geographical. The county with the 6-km south of the river taking in hand and Qareh skirt and white spring valley sides, with 1410 meters from sea level is the highest peak. Kermanshah city in the plains north and south is Qareh hand is raised. This is the source of the spring Rvansr path, and after irrigation, with the overpass near the city of Kermanshah Framan the river joins Gamasyab. Kermanshah climate in winter and quite cold in the summer is extremely hot, but Find it at night because of wind and permanent Nasim North Farahbakhsh is cool. Based on the census in 1375 in Kermanshah, has 692986 inhabitants. Routes to access this area value are:
- Road Home Kermanshah - Hamadan towards the northeast to 189 km length. 25 km from the way way to the south east has been drawn to Khorramabad.
- Road Home Kermanshah - Sanandaj towards the north-length 136
- Kermanshah main road - the south west of Islamabad West to 65 km length. Three-way or from Islamabad, which is drawn to the Qasr-e Shirin, Kermanshah, Ilam and Way will connect.
Appellation, and historical background
Kermanshah is one of Bastanytryn Shhrhayayran shall be said by Tahmuras Deobandi - Pyshdadyan legendary king - is made. Some historians of the building to give Sassanids king Bahram. Kermanshah Kavadh first time and Anoushirvan Sassanids reached the pinnacle of greatness. KERMANSHAH various historical periods of time is the governments, so that Nader is ready to Ottoman aggression against the city's special attention to the Mbzvl. The Safavid kings as possible to prevent rape Ampratvy Empire, this city was considered. One of the rulers of Kermanshah Imam Gholi Mirza Qajar period is from Nasir al-Din Shah was appointed Srhdady Kermanshah and 25 years in the city government will, in the same period of construction and Yadegar Bnahayy said. Kermanshah Agriculture for having a city wide agricultural lands, the oil refinery and comments having numerous factories and an industrial city because of having many books on ancient and Taq Bostan Bisotoon considered is a tourism city. The role of cities in the country's economy is excellent.

Nature of Kermanshah County

Wetland Hshylan
The wetland route KERMANSHAH Rvansr 26 kilometers northwest of Kermanshah and in rural districts is Alhyarkhany.
Hshylan wetland area is a syncline as approximate range of 450 hectares of land and Dashti posts Khvryn range mountains and is Vis. Above the pond water as boiling springs and spring is in the wetland area as large and small channels are broadcast. Level of wetland vegetation is an gramineous hydrophyte has grown inside the water. The wetland around 110 small and large island with an area of approximate 100 square meters to about one hectare is formed. Within the wetland margins and animals live. According to investigations so that the operation started with the annual rain fall Find birds and cold air from Central Asia to a large canvas of this environment are come and winter is spent in the wetland and the lagoon resort suitable Mavay many winter-loving birds Aquaculture Aquaculture immigrant and of along river. Each year, groups of hunters and the birds mentioned in the self-interested nature except focused.
Mountains Dalahv
Peaks with heights Dalahv Besar its highest peak is the highest peak is 2250 meters. Much of this forest and mountains covered with green pastures over the foot and it is the most time is covered by snow. The mountain Bynalnhryn plain dominant on the one hand and on the other hand forest Krnd Find and Islamabad see is continuous.
Mountain Prav
Prav mountain heights Alvand fact that along with the mountains to the northwest followed before Tagh Bostan Taq-e Bostan and after the sides, Kurdistan is disposed. The heights of stone and non Mshjr and has passages is limited. Bisotoon highest mountain is the mountain the mountain. Prav long mountain to the north-west south-east and 62 km wide from north to south in most parts of the broad reaches the 26 km.
White Mountain
The mountain 10 kilometers southeast of the city located in Kermanshah, Lorestan, and along the sides. The highest peak of this mountain is 2805 meters and is often covered with snow. White Mountain ridge border zone between normal and peace Framan head Firouzabad Mahydsht is. The mountains as mountains Dalahv, Prav and Zagros Shaho component is high. Domain Ryzabh the northern mountain and river-Soo Ryzabh Domain southern river death Ryzd
The heights of the south eastern Rvansr started as a continuous strip to the side and continued from there Paveh Nvsvd to the northwest along the border is to be natural and in fact with the Kurdistan province of Kermanshah shaping. Western part of the mountain river is Sirvan leads. The highest peak in North Paveh Shaho about 3370 meters and 2985 meters high mountain that is flat mountain Shaho sequence and continued in the same direction and Rzab section leads
Nova Mountain
Nova string heights in the south field Dalahv mountains located between the Strait Pataq mountain is located. The highest peak in the southern village Srmyl is about 3288 meters.
Qlajh heights
The heights of the east-west direction are formed, median Ilam and Kermanshah provinces is to shape. All these mountains with trees and shrub Find car is. Its highest peak is 2355 meters.
Mirage Rvansr main source of the river 50 kilometers north west of Kermanshah is. The river to the northwest to southeast flow will find in the river 15 km KERMANSHAH Razavr and the minor-Soo branch joins with the route and full wriggler flow level plain near the village and found the river of death Qzanchy it is connected. The slope with a calm river from the city of Kermanshah and password Framan near the river joins Gamasyab. The margins in many parts of different plants grown Rvkhanh the beauty that it has a special effect.
This river rock mirage hole springs Sarhay Nahavand around the source of the connection with the river and river Malayer Gamasyab name has changed. This river in its path, including various sub-disciplines of Malayer, Nahavand water and water is mojtaba saif joined. The river water in South Bisotoon Dynvrab Gamasyab more continuous and the name and path near the river-Soo Framan connected and after that the name entered Symrh soil is then Lorestan Khuzestan Province Karkheh current name and enter the results are Hvralzym be.
Dinawar water
A branch of the western villages domain shall originate Asadabad second category is known that water Zhmany bed Klyayy over the source of the village with Zhmany third category of Mirage Snqrchay is connected and comes with lunch in the fourth category is connected. After crossing the bridge between lunch in the village Brnaj Brnaj water added and water Nvzhy join the joint, the main water Dinawar shaping. The water after the alcohol Dinawar and plain to the south Chmchmal Bisotoon to be Gamasyab Ryzd.
River death
This river springhead Firouzabad southwest Mahydsht originates from the north-east village of Mir Azizi-Soo is connected. Passing and receiving water Mahydsht Kashnbh Mirage, Kvzran into plain water and there joins the bile. Leg of the mountain river Vis-Soo is Ryzd.
River Razavr
This river and the mountains around Kndvlh Kamyaran the source and passing the mountains south-east Kamyaran in Leg Qral mountain continued to Msyrsh Qzanchy River and south-Soo is Ryzd.
Plain Bylvar
The plain of the river sediments Kamyaran there is. The plain lands, about 11 thousand hectares of
Plain Dinawar
The plain south Songhor area and located approximately 9 hectares of land is
Fish Lar Lar
The plain to the heights of mountains and the east horseshoe Shekan Hassan Abad four rough is surrounded in the west. 25 km wide and is Azdv side is completely open. The plain areas of major agricultural province of Kermanshah is considered

Amar and ancient courtyard Kermanshah County

Determined by the Book Home
This old neighborhood house located on the way home Laf access through alley and rely Feyz Mahdavi is possible. This type of house is houses that Drvngra crossing porch to outer courtyard and then a long traverse Rahrvyy can enter yard
Viscus was. This corridor directly leads to the courtyard will not bowel or 90 degree angle but the two are connected to the yard and saw the possibility of direct word from the outside yard yard bowel exist. Main bowel which is considered as the relatively large courtyard area is 154 square meters. This section has three spaces, the residential yard and south side of the room is by no Nmahayy arch is decorated. North side yard, there is a great hotel. Founder and owner of this house, known as civil Mirza Hasan Khan is determined by the Book. Mirza Hasan Khan al-Sadr, including liberal constitutionalism is more in his name KERMANSHAH Secretary Azam know.
Khaja Baruch
The house in old Jewish neighborhood of Badghis is a house with characteristics Drvngra is. The porch to the house through the outer courtyard and there crossing corridors nationwide yard passing into bowel. Around the yard, a series of bowel residential room is located. Ivan Find this building on the beautiful facade, brick columns with a bell used to Find the brick steps or Mqrny is. This house is limited KERMANSHAH Qajar houses with a bathroom is. The house Khajeh Baruch when the Jewish merchants in the age of Kermanshah Naseri is made. The House today called Running the last plane home is the owner, is known.
Home Khadivi
Teacher on the street this home is located in the eastern one, the most valuable buildings in accordance with Introversion كتيبه input the year 1316 is made Sat. View all this home by brickwork decorated with different forms of art.
Taq-e Bostan
Taq-e Bostan historical square foot of the mountain and beside the name of northeastern margins of springs in the current city is located in Kermanshah In this courtyard, there are works from the period, including stone Sasani graphics Ardeshir II and the two stone Ivan Ivan namely large and small is. Ivan left a small stone Rsmt D graphics Adshyr second and Ivan the Great Ivan the right side is small.
Sayyah, writers, historians and geographers, while the Islamic period described rock chart Find Tagh Bostan, the name of this compound have different learn, so that category and Ibn Ibn Faghih this location «Shbdyz» ruby and the «Qsrshyryn» is called, the Mostowfi Hamdollah where the «odd Vstam» other number of «arch Bhstvn», «arch Bisotoon» and «Bed Bostan» called. People place the name of the compound «tagh Vsan» and «tagh Bsan» know because «San» means in term of local stone and the Order of «arch Vsan» ie vaulted stone block that is. Today, the most Iranology circles with the name of this place «Tagh Bostan» is mentioned.
Stone Ardeshir II PD
Ivan the right small stones that are graphic scenes crown Stany Ardeshir II (383 - 379 AD) King ninth Sassanids shows. In this stage, the Sassanid king standing three quadric face and body all occurred in the center stage role that the left hand on the handle and put the right hand loop ribbon is significant is the Ahura Mazda. Shah Sassanids eyes are large and prominent Abrvany. His beard and curly hair to her shoulders on the mass is hung. Gvshvarhay on his ears and neck necklace and bracelets on the wrist. Earrings the shape of the circular ring that is hanging from the spherule. He also includes a row necklace nuts are large pearls. Shah Taji is Brsr the bottom of the tape as a simple top, and crown shape of the Kvrymbvsy head hair as part of the mass of the ribbon and closed by means of two strings is also in Crown King Behind, ribbon is hung.
His clothes, including shirt is significant that China continued to knee on the bottom and is round. As long pants and wrinkled by the significant plantar ribbon tape is closed. Belt by the thin line and the nuts and pearls ornament is also a bow tie front belt is hung. Underneath belt, baldric inlaid sword depending on who it is hung.

موضوعات مرتبط: english
[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:12 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]
County Sanandaj; important Kurdistan region; Vhmchnynmhmtryn County is considered to Kurdistan province. Agriculture Vdamdary main jobs people will constitute the area. Kurdistan in the area due to expanding relations with other cities besides Nowadays local clothing is used. Sanandaj men in the name of half-length «Chvkhh» Dmpay tight and slop with the name «crupper» used clothing, but women's clothing Sanandaj Unlike other regions of Kurdistan No scarf is long and includes shirt with or without tinsel and confetti Qbay scarf is long.
Handicrafts Sanandaj Ykyazmhmtrynjazbhhay County will constitute the county. Sanandaj carpets with a special beauty and strength are. Clan most carpets by Pshmhay and chestnut brown color and are sometimes woven with camel wool; many are also important. Sanandaj, Kordestan Ghalibaf Center and is considered to Qalyhay old Paisley County types can be like the name Paisley quartile range, or Jqh node, and HUB roles Jqh another name Mirza Ali flowers, flowers, etc., and Nightingale. Today, due to lack of natural colors, texture maps and the current problem is carpet weaving in Sanandaj three bergamot, pergola and fish are also included. Dar Alahsan Mosque (Mosque of Sanandaj), Salar House Sanandaj (Sanandaj Museum), building Khsrvabad, Khanhasf Vaziri, Paul winter (Sanandaj), Moshir building, court, mansion Amjdalashraf market Sanandaj, Asif, construction lawyer MULK Pyrmr Imam Zadeh, Imam Abdullah Zadeh (tagh Gvrh), Imam Abdullah Zadeh (Gvrh arch), Hajrh Khatoon mosque, Imam Zadeh Pyrmhmd, Hassan Abad Castle, Castle Palangi Bridge, Sheikh (Sanandaj), descendent Abad village, Quran Ngl, bath Khan (Zahiri old) , home architect home'm old Moradi and historic attractions to be Tshyl County Sanandaj.
Industries and Mines
Textile Industries factory, shoemaker, leather making, production of pasteurized milk, paper, chemical products, electrical and electronics and metal products, non-metallic mineral products, food products and pharmaceutical industries, including the county are Sanandaj. Many mines in this county are also is that because exports are Mrghvbyt aspects. Marble Mine, Mine Mountain Roche lime, quarry and mining Jgrh carcass Travertines Kvyyk most important of these mines. Kilim and also such Glymchh, wooden joinery, honey, livestock products, walnut, almond, yellow plum, apple, Vegetables, Tragacanth, medicinal plants, sugar and Kan Mineral exports make up this region.
Agricultural and ranching
County economy based on agriculture and Sanandaj Gardening, animal husbandry and ranching industry is stable. Gardening and agriculture due to rain and numerous rivers there enough prosperity enjoyed certain types of main products and Vegetables, wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seed, soybean, tobacco and tobacco, sugar beet, legume, forage plants, berries sauce, apricot, walnut, apple, peach, almond, cherry, cherry, pear, plum, and, peach, peach and pomegranate are. Farmers also are employed as agricultural Znbvrdary. Animal husbandry and animal husbandry activities and the primary economic zone of the noble river, and includes more than breeding sheep and goats on the heights above are kept.
County, one county in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province and center of this province is that geographic 47 degree east longitude and 35 degrees 19 minutes north width and height of 1500 meters from sea level is. County north of Sanandaj تكاب County, east of the county and Find Bijar Qorveh, Kamyaran County to the south and West to Marivan and Saqqez is limited. Sanandaj County Center distance 657 kilometers southeast of Tehran and the West Main Road route Miandoab Zanjan Kermanshah Kermanshah is located. County water and the air cold and semi-dry. Based on 1375 Census county population Sanandaj Sanandaj 359990 population 277808 people and 59357 people, including household is. People of this county and age Nzhadnd Aryan and Persian dialects with Kurdish (Sorani and Gorani) speak. Communication routes around the county areas are:
- Towards the main road northwest of the city Saqez length 193 km, 87 km from the main path way towards the length of 44 km northeast of the city and Bijar here to Zanjan city continues.
- The main road east towards the city Qorveh the length of 87 km, the same way, a way to 165 km length of Sanandaj Center connects to Hamadan.
- Main Road to the south of the city of Kermanshah to 130 km length
All these paths are the destination province center.
Appellation, and historical background
In the past, instead of the current city of Sanandaj name > there was a word that in English the meaning of > is. Adjacent «thirty head», the local name «hundred Khanyh» (hundred home) was probably the time to > has changed. Sanandaj four centuries under the rule of hereditary rulers of Dynasty Ardalan was to be Rsanydnd Sassanids. Karim Khan Zand you in 1146. AH Sanandaj ravaged after a course of chaos, Khosrow Khan Ardalan was based in Sanandaj. Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar PAS services Songhor He also attached his territory will rule. Years from 1214 to 1240 you. AH Khan, son of Khosrow Khan Amanollah Sanandaj rule is that during this period many reforms for prosperity and civil action was the city of Sanandaj. Rule Gholi Reza Khan Ardalan the differences between the members of this family was there and after a series of conflicts, finally Amanollah Gholi Khan Reza Khan's brother and the government was in fact this person was last Governor of hereditary Sanandaj years 1265 to 1284 E . AH will rule. You in 1284. AH central government, Haj Mirza Mtmdaldvlh Nasereddin uncle King be appointed to the government of Kurdistan and his government until the year 1291 you. AH continued. County Center currently Sanandaj and beautiful cities of Kordestan and West of the country is considered.
Regions form Sanandaj
Forest Park Awyer
The park side of the mountain range in the western city of Sanandaj Awyer is. Awyer special place in culture is due to be Chshmhsarha probe, aqueduct and gardens are numerous, such as Amanyh, Amyryh and ... Such is called. Since founded in Sanandaj, water Chshmhhay Awyer by Tnbvshhhay clay was transferred to the city. Still Khsrvabad subterranean building, Asif's lawyer, Moshir, and some buildings, this kind of mountains are the source. In recent years the mountain and park construction and Skvbndy Jadhsazy it has been done. The outstanding role it can be made immediately, which is very. Beautiful places in the area of the city of Sanandaj.

County Nature Sanandaj

Water Valley driver work, water Rqjv, Sirvan water, water گلين, Water Line, Savlh is, sir Veisi Chm, Chm Amir Abad, the Chapter Chm, Chm Paul, Dvvys·h Chm, Chm Zvyar Krjv, salty Chm, Chm Shynh, Chm Soufian , Qalvaz·h Chm, Chm Nran, Hanh Glan Chm, Chm Hshly, Khnjrh, the Bolaghi Valley, Dylh, brine, Shohreh Zvrh, descendent Abad, winter, cattle goes, Gvmrsh, Nhrdyla, Vzman, including intestinal يول ship this important region of the process.
Ships يول Sanandaj
This is a permanent 55 km length of the anastomosis with Ryzabh Veisi Chm sir, that I Avbatv rural northern heights of the source of the villages and their stomach will route 27 kilometers northwest Valley Court creates comes and while flow to the south east and mixed with Ryzabh very watered their villages route will offset more recent village to the south and head east to find new ways Abad villages and the stomach will Hee LG. Flower hill village with the river Vzman Myzd and it is a little deviation towards the east that is the path that some villages will watered and 2 km southeast of the village red dome is Ryzd ozone. The Caspian Sea area is the source height is 1960 meters than the average 7 / 0 percent of the general route of the South East.
Winter Lake Dam (Vahdat Dam) Sanandaj
Storage Dam on the River winter winter ten kilometers north of Sanandaj, on the mountains in the region «Satlh and Tyrgra» was constructed. The lake behind the dam is 11 km length and extent of 934 hectares equivalent shall on the level and volume of sea water, in suitable types of water sports has to be. The lake also such a different place from the family fish processing Common Carp is the fish, including fish, can be the bride, Roma Shah, black fish, Lbvrnvs Kapytv, fish sauce and black fish pointed. Reason of recreational horn is also provided. Dam Lake with forest and green space around the working visit the interesting city is considered. Such recreational facilities and a boat dock lake each year, many water sports enthusiasts to the hand, this place will attract.
Mountain Kvchsar Sanandaj
The height of the mountain with 2946 meters 30 km south of Sanandaj in western range pure rural district is located in Middle River. Shyan in the beautiful village of the spring and summer Badiee perspectives is, in the East Mountain is located. Rivers and Dvprdan Chm Hshly shall originate from the mountains.
Sheikh famous mountain Sanandaj
The Mountain 23 kilometers northwest of Sanandaj, northwest Yaynchvb village located 2895 meters and is. Sheikh famous mountain northeast of the mountains and the Queen of the South West and is attached to rely more mountain range is the Zagros mountains.
Sanandaj Mosque Mountain Mirza
The highest mountain of the mountains in Sanandaj, County and this city 58 kilometers northwest and north-western village in the valley of hell and is 3059 meters. Hong nest rivers, بيك gull, and red Qtavh Chm ozone originates from the mountains are. The sequence in the mountain range and the Zagros mountains to the Southwest Aqznv Sultan and head northeast to the mountains Darvish is connected.
Mountain Mlakavv Sanandaj
Mountains of the Zagros mountain with 2820 meters in 37 kilometers northwest and east of Sanandaj is located in the village of Ali Abad. Stone Mountain Rkhnavy north of this mountain is located.
Mountain Hvarbrz·h Sanandaj
The Mountain 37 kilometers Southwest of Sanandaj and is 2950 meters. Hvarbrz·h one of the highest mountains in County Sanandaj is.
Mountain Wheel Lan Sanandaj
This mountain with an altitude of 3330 meters the highest mountains in the county of Sanandaj city in the Southwest and northern West Village is located otherwise and is considered among the Zagros mountains.
Mountain Siraj al-Din Sanandaj
In the mountains 24 kilometers south east of Sanandaj and Nran located southeast of the village is above 2836 meters. The mountains to the south and mountains in the north of Ma `aref mountain mineral Shykhh is connected and is part of the Zagros mountains. Chm Chm Nran rivers and Amir Abad originates from the mountains are.

Mosques and religious schools in the county Sanandaj

Hajrh Khatun Mosque in Sanandaj
Hajar Khatoon sister of Imam Reza (AS), which is the burial place. Next to the grinder in Mdfn jacob mosque mosque established name that became known as Hajrh Khatun. Haj Sheikh Shkrallh (father Haj Sheikh Abdullah) complete repair of the mosque and will act Haj Mohammad Sadegh Jalali deceased child, a tone of shops dedicated passage Shahbazi will Khatun Mosque Hajrh. The shrine has two buildings and a suitable apron Haram Mosque relatively small and the large endowments, the Board of Trustees, and Imam Jmat server and place Nzvrat many people and is the general and special shrine. Even from other cities and villages around the pilgrimage to this place can be referred.
Mosque Vyhng
The mosque in the center of the village is Zhavh Vyhng in rural western part of the Sanandaj Klatrzan County Q is parents. Mosque plan that Vryhng Shbstany two floors and is formed only comments Total columns with wooden mosque and Mirza Rashid Beigi Castle Farajollah different. Both Shabestan the roof is located.
Mosque Section two is an old section and the other part is the attachment. Or the old part first floor, including a bedchamber with a rectangular plan, pool house and a room of Ministry. Upper part of the attachment, in addition to a similar ground floor bedchamber, and a room with Ghsalkhanh is. Trim the obvious features, using half-circle arc Find Qajar era is common. Head with the wooden columns Quran, history and build up Sunni caliphs religion has Zyynt
Sanandaj Mosque Quran Ngl
Quran Ngl the precious intellectual property position in the specific area of special historical value of art and has one Chharqran according to traditions of early Islamic centuries is that written four world climate has been sent to the Quran and Kufic Written on the skin and in the village mosque, located 65 kilometers Ngl Sanandaj Road - will keep Marivan. Known in a village Ngl occasion to cover Kufic Quran that is safe is by keeping the village mosque. According to the Koran is old scribe more than a thousand years it appears. Quran pages 40 cm long and 35 cm in width and 14 columns per page is written. This work wonder super religious and sacred - art village mosque and a museum, it has become famous.
Ms. Sun least Mosque
The mosque in the adjacent building is Moshir Divan Sanandaj, Kurdistan region Shbstany Mosques style is a courtyard with water, ie the south side of the facade columns and Ivan Shbstany four wooden columns that is the northern side. The floor is built in a bedchamber Drtrfyn main hall with a half circle and arc Find staircase can.
Featuring the building, are wooden doors with wooden كتيبه Arabesque is the gateway entrance. Some south side of the chamber is open toward the alley Moshir was in the past was used as shops. The mosque is named appellation Bonnie Ms. least it means the sun, is open. Radad command that produced it. Since the less possible in the past, Ms. Musharraf had become a Mecca, God Hznyh trip home they can spend to build mosques.
Mosque Daralahsan (comprehensive)
The mosque in northern Sanandaj is located in Imam Khomeini Ave. Inscriptions on the existing mosque building in 1227 you. AH by the Governor Aman Allah Khan Ardalan Kurdistan was created. This building consists of two South-east, Ivan, Ivan Gol categories Go east, central apron, around the chamber 12, Shabestan columns with 24 columns and stone spiral ... Is. Mosque The mosque can be - at school knew, because part of A "Find the cell is devoted to religious scholars and Sciences section of the south apron is the main mosque. This building has seven color work Decoration Tile enamel extraordinary efficiency. Fine, Mrmryn Find plinth, and having enamel Mqly brickwork, stone pool and fountain and columns of beautiful decoration with rope is.
Decoration of the major, writing various parts of the Quran in mosques is so that you third in the Holy Quran is the writing. The mosque in the past, one of the most important religious and Darallm many ulama in Darallm have paid to the experience of science. Daralahsan Mosque, one of the most valuable comments of Kordestan mosques architecture and architectural decoration.
Daralaman Mosque (mosque Governor)
Daralaman mosque in Ferdowsi Street is the city of Sanandaj. The mosque during Qajar rule by King Khan, son of Ghulam Khan Ardalan Amanollah castle east side of city government was created. Ivan foreground and beautiful mosque with great bedchamber behind it that is wide and comments Daralahsan Sanandaj Mosque architecture is comparable. This building also the first mosque - the school was that Hdas School Street, Ferdowsi Section A "went to the mosque Daralaman between a porch and period style architecture of the Qajar Drsakht is completely observed.
Rashid mosque Castle Beigi
The mosque which is located in Sanandaj Drzl southern market in the early Qajar government built and the oldest mosques in the province of Kurdistan. Mosque plan Shbstany with two floors of wooden columns. Entrance porch with half of the half circle arc Find Mtdakhl (Crescent), Khajeh stay around and vault Nmahay platforms and multiple types of tissue Sleeping with arc Klyl - Order is brick. Yard, and has Chharzly Waterfront is. The input is stepped and the two apron mosque and Ivan bedchamber with a wooden column is way finds. Exterior and interior brick arch Nmahay Decorative architectural feature of this mosque is considered. Rashid Beigi castle mosque with some room in the first floor and second term in the local room they Faghih (seminary scholars) say. The mosque Kurdistan Regional style mosque built mosques and all the features of this means bedchamber wooden columns (especially Chharstvn), Ivan Ivan and another side yard to the south possesses is
Abdullah Mosque and emphasizing Bayg
In this context the old city of Sanandaj, in the eastern side, and neighborhood Srtpvlh is Shohada Street. Mosque Main Bdall Bayg two is: the south side of the courtyard and the Waterfront is a section in which space is a main mosque and arch spring arch and dome roofed porch with arch and to the south and having Yat is. Recently, a large metal window has this part insertion. This building type Qvs·hay reminder Esfahani architecture and decoration is Vrasth Sleeping in the brickwork and siding Chinese knot is used. Metal fence style building in the early Pahlavi era is evident. Ivan the parties, some Drdv chamber floor created the seminary has trained scholars. The mosque can be considered among mosques Kurdistan be a porch. Building mosques is not specified the exact date and probably belongs to the early Qajar period.
Mosque is meant
The mosque in the neighborhood train Chyan Sanandaj, Kordestan Boulevard on the south side is located. Building based on the architecture of native Kurdistan columns with thick wooden Shbstany plan has been established. Scoop water view, in the basement and underground mosque is a good combination. The mosque is located in the groove and place the mosque is meant to Dshh is known. It probably goes back to the early period Zndyh and early Pahlavi also some changes and then repair is. Water from the subterranean city current mosque is financed and is now also active.
Molla Ahmad Mosque resurrection
The mosque in the western side of the market, Sanandaj, west side entrance is located market. Building style Shbstany mosque and a floor made of Ivan and a bedchamber with four columns and columns of wood. The south side of a mosque courtyard with a water view is that using artificial subterranean water. The main materials used in the stone, brick, clay and wood, and the two main parties bedchamber and Ivan insertion corridor is. Feature of mosques, there كتيبه some third line of famous name calligraphists Kordestani this desolate Mullah Hassan mosque also Duran Qajar this mosque belongs to the Qajar era belongs.
Mirza Mosque Farajollah
The mosque in northern St. September 17 (three way Shykhan) Sanandaj is the plan, including Shabestan wooden column with four columns that Ivan wooden columns in front of it is. Ivan Rahrvhayy around the two floors are made of.
The mosque architecture principles and practices of architecture and building of the mosque affected Daralahsan implemented and all materials used in the local. Decoration of the major mosque window can mesh with Chinese knot and two columns Ivan in eastern and southern sides be mentioned. The mosque belongs to the Qajar era and its founder, Mirza Farajollah official Minister of the People of Kurdistan in the evening went
Minister of Mosque
The mosque in the western side of Park Street martyrs martyrs is. Mosque plan Shbstany and comparable because Myzra Farajollah mosques and castles Rashid Beigi is. Shabestan main mosque with Chharstvn with wooden decorations and wooden bell and wooden mosque is Qf. Western side of the mosque compound or method that is odd and Crotch roofed burial place and families and Motamed Hashemi is Moshir Vaziri

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[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:11 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]
One of the old cities of the province of Kurdistan is the course reaches the Medes and the course works around the city has remained Saqez. Saqez Dashti first city in the south of the current was now old Saqez Saqez old or is known. Current around the city first came to market there. Oldest neighborhood, the neighborhood market is then in effect with Tabriz, Sanandaj, Baneh both sides of the roads was Abad. River flow in the city and along the hill that's on the city they built, are factors Jhtdhndh Baftshhry. Handicrafts Saqez the Nkhrysy County, Jajymbafy, kilim, Tnabbafy, carpet weaving, felt scarf (a kind of fabric) Handmade wool socks, will Tvbrh formation.
Agricultural and ranching
Shhrstanbsqz Brkshavrzy based economy, is based Baghdaryvdamprvry. Gardening and major agricultural products can be wheat, barley, legume, Nbatatlvfhay, grape, walnut, apple, almond, cherry, peach, apricot and strawberry to name range. Also, animal husbandry and animal husbandry as well as other areas such as Kurdistan and includes a very common breeding sheep, goats and cattle are. Through traditional breeding poultry in addition to the modern style that is done for purposes of breeding poultry meat and eggs are. Znbvrdary common jobs in addition to farmers and agricultural activities, are employed in this work.
County Saqez one county of geographic province of Kurdistan in 46 degrees 16 minutes east longitude and 36 degrees 14 minutes north width and height of 1500 meters from sea level is located. Saqez County north تكاب, Shahin and Dezh Boukan (West Azarbaijan), Dyvandrh to the East, West to the south and Baneh Marivan is limited. Saqez located in the mountainous areas of the air in the winter cold and summer is hot. Sometimes in the winter of heavy snow in autumn and spring and Bard Rainfall often several consecutive days will continue. Saqez County Center City in the head and three-way Miandoab Baneh Sanandaj is located. Find Saqez way include:
Saqez - Sanandaj length of 205 km
Saqez - or the length of 91 km Miandoab
Saqez - Baneh to 65 km length
Saqez - Tabriz via Miandoab length to 260 kilometers
Saqez Orumieh through a length of 272 km and the Mahabad through Baneh and Sardasht length to 263 km
Saqez way to the border of Iran and Iraq in direct path length of 70 km
Appellation, and historical background
In the first alliance Maad, Saqez city name > Median capital was. Median commanders around the city rampart > and > current (Damayyt) for their in the. This time Sargon II - King of Assyria - Median Takhth to land and defeated them «Ayzyrta», «Zyvyh» and «Damayyt» destroyed building. After Scythia (coins) to the renewal and building the city paid Saqez the name «Skating» (Sakz, Skz) capital as they choose. Saqez city formerly in the south western city of Dashti was current, now the «old Saqez» or «old Saqez» is known. Current around the city first came to market in this neighborhood I oldest city, neighborhood market later communication of Tabriz, Sanandaj, Baneh sides of the roads was Abad. Currently, natural position and how to establish the city and pass the foot of the heights along the river, this city one of the most beautiful cities in Kurdistan Province has become.

Nature Saqez County

Ayrab Saqez
Ayrab is a permanent river. Ayrab length is 27 km during Ryzab Find some domains often taken to the northern mountains Qt Sultan, Charkr, Ahmad mineral, mineral Darvish, Ahmad minerals, Charkr, castles and mountains 48 kilometers east Kzkshk downtown Saqez originates shall also irrigated villages show their westward path is downhill. Shams and villages on this route Tyman neuralgia and the stomach will be going behind, and one km east village that's Ryzabh Ayrab with heights of 4 km east Myranshah (Ayranshah) and the source of the alcohol and make Ayranshah Qlvjqr south slope AED has been and will continue westward Myzd is mental. Tmyrbg little village will be diverted north westward and crossing the villages of the north village buttonwood chance Amir Khan River estuary leprosy is Ryzd the river basin is Lake Urmia. Source of about 2150 m altitude, average slope of 4 / 2 percent, the overall route is West.
Chm Saqez River
The river length is 45 km from permanent to join a Sheykh Chm Chm ميره Shepherd and ten 14-km South West Saqez can be formed and also turn very east to hand over the flow path and finds the village of Mal winter Bayg the alcohol will. Drkhavr the village of Ali Abad Ryzabh with a small range of Homa Mountain, North Road is the source of the mixture. This section of river passing south Saqez 3 km northeast city with the aforementioned mixture is Chm Elton and so towards the northeast and the mental make watered mineral village festival (Kanijesni) in the valley between the mountains Grysh Rqy tone in the south and mountains in the north for 4 km east of the village with the aforementioned well is in Chm Seyedeh Myzd. This point and change the path to the east and south that is the hill village of Aq and a password will kilometers east village Lvjh Dash (Dasalujeh) is to be Zryz Ryzd.
Four mountain springs Saqez
The height of 3173 meters in the mountains 53 kilometers southeast Saqez highest mountain located in northern part of the Zagros mountains. Rivers shorts forty springs, head wind and Chm Jqtv shall originate from this mountain. In addition, the frequency of the spring Sarhay Jvshd be mentioned that all the rivers coming.
Forty Saqez mountain springs
The highest mountains in the Zagros mountains in the northern mountain is 3173 meters and 53 kilometers southeast Saqez is located. Shvrqy rivers, forty springs, wind and head Jqtv Chm originates from the heights of the mountains are. Such springs also Sarhay frequency range in the valleys and mountains of this earth Jvshnd lush and beautiful and special to give. The beautiful mountains of potential flow with nature sometimes has the frequency and nature walking.
Plains Saqez
Within various County Saqez plain fact that the most important are: plains owner, Qh Lakvn, Les g كول hill and plain. Vast plains of this county about 700 hectares and the average height of 1650 meters from sea level is. Some of these plains in the spring and summer seasons, green and wild flowers are very beautiful or effect.

Castles, towers and Atashkadeh in Saqez County

Castle Zyvyh Saqez
This castle 42 kilometers northeast of Saqez placed in 1947 AD, as has been discovered accidentally. Works of this castle obtained signs of a civilization is advanced in this area. Including the most famous works, large gold brassiere that files on the role of animals and mythical creatures are. This works 900 BC belongs.

Mosques and religious schools in the county Saqez

Mosque Touraj
Touraj one of the villages and Saqez County Center Dhtsan Touraj is 20 kilometers west route Saqez - Boukan located inside the old mosque and fled the village Touraj comments architectural style mosques among native Kurdistan region is. The mosque building in a main bedchamber with two rows of six columns of triplex. Shabestan western side yard is provided, the porch columns on the south by the south side can Shabestan insertion is three wooden columns. Snk Sfh a mosque on the Chinese, is made. ن against Iowa, South leftover pool water is all that has been carved from stone. The mosque is the main materials of stone and clay brick is. Sectarian in the wooden ceiling is used. The main entrance and the old mosque and earn tenure in the new block and input to this was another side to the west created. Go in the entrance Bshth or stone is seen that Zmn mosque construction in 1258 date you. AH shows on this date in addition كتيبه Stone mosque construction and repair, ابياتي is also carved. The mosque architecture and history of cultural and historic village Touraj is especially important.
Of two mosque minarets
The mosque at Imam Khomeini Street, Old Saqez tissue is located. Mosque construction is not specified the exact date, but the place where the people made it to the Sheikh Maulana Hassan Abad than they are, likely in late and early Zndyh Afshariyeh course is built. Mosque Shbstany four columns with thick wooden sign is four Sunni caliph. Southwest side, Ivan columns (Summer Feast) made special mosques that form the Kurdistan region will decree. Go two mosque minarets and Rafi is long and because the mosque is known for the two minarets. Materials used in building this mosque, including clay and raw mortar flower, carcass stones, wood and ... Is. Decoration of the minarets Mqly Find brickwork and tiles have been used.
Probably pool home over the dome of the mosque is located and where is Vzvy prayers. Older mosque belonging to the Safavid period and the current is. The walls of the mosque tiles Sabvnky scheme Cedar (tree of life), Professor Ali Esfahani decorating work is used. Seems that in several years Professor Esfahani Saqez Age has.

Amar and landscaping in the ancient county Saqez

Hill Zyvyh Saqez
Zyvyh hill was originally a castle, a distance of 42 kilometers northeast Saqez is located. In 1325 Rnbv Unspecified personal name with the official score Zyvyh the drilling began. During the twelve years of drilling in addition to the six grave Zyvyh king and Prince Median Building, three floors of beautiful and ancient architectural masterpieces Zyvyh which was also found in ancient and stump Kndnd. Without doubt, building on three floors and majestic Zyvyh one of the wonders of ancient architecture was unique strength on the mountain top and wide on the cave and that Zyvyh spectacular height of 1835 meters of sea level was built. Any visitor with its rational criteria can not believe is three thousand years ago such a height with such a construction is made of glory and greatness. Zyvyh three floors of the building on the same building is undeniable evidence that the written consent of Herodotus on the Median Dyvakv for and built the first justice of the center of the ancient building is.

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[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:10 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]

Name Baneh main cities of the old province of Kurdistan, has been Brvzhh. Centuries of history within the city's current lack of resources to correct this are historical, pre-Islamic history in this city is dark. Baneh in times past and the dominance of Islam in the Middle East prior to the small village that was only a few people and tribe and lived in it more than the tribe had with each other to name. Some of this tribe in the Arab-Muslim resistance against the attack and later to the failure of Sardasht and the place went to West Azarbaijan, and only some of the native ها without war and bloodshed were Pzyrfh the religion of Islam, lived in the town. Baneh repeatedly during the history of destruction and reconstruction was again. Fortress city government at the time this case had a village, on top of a hill overlooking the northeast of the city. Central core of the old city, which form the tissue to the foot of the hill located in the effects of fire and especially in 1320 is destroyed. Considering the frequency of the raw materials available in this county; Ghalibaf including industries that are prevalent in this county, including carpets and export it. Kilim Kurdish plans Bafyba also enjoy lots of prosperity and abundance is Glymhaybanhnyz enthusiast. Knitting scarf using goat Softwool Mrghz, Khratychvb, needlework, helmet, Qlabdvzy, Polk دوزي, glass beads دوزي other handicrafts common in this region. Soleiman Dam Bayg shrine and ancient Shu Baneh most important historical attractions will constitute Baneh County.
Agricultural and ranching
Shhrstanbanhbrkshavrzy based economy, Gardening, animal husbandry and animal husbandry is based. County Agricultural Baneh traditional culture and type of water and is homebred. Agricultural water from wells and semi-deep river are provided. Gardening and major agricultural products can be wheat, barley, legume, Nbatatlvfhay, grape, walnut, apple, almond, cherry, peach, apricot and strawberry to name range. Also, animal husbandry and animal husbandry as well as other areas such as Kurdistan and includes a very common breeding sheep, goats and cattle are. Through traditional breeding poultry in addition to the modern style that is done for purposes of breeding poultry meat and eggs are. Znbvrdary common jobs in addition to farmers and agricultural activities, are employed in this work.
County Baneh one county of geographic province of Kurdistan, 45 degrees 53 minutes east longitude and 35 degrees 59 minutes north width and height of 1540 meters from sea level is. County Baneh north county Sardasht, and turpentine County to the east and south of the West in Iraq is limited. City Center County Baneh Baneh 270 kilometers northwest of the city of Sanandaj and Mahabad is beginning Baneh. Baneh the river between this city is going. Ahmad Abad Vchshmh Pyrmrad permanent spring near the town of mental and consumption of drinking water is. County water and the air cold and semi-humid and annual rainfall rate of 720 mm is the average. Communication routes to the County include:
Paved the way towards Baneh Saqez northeast to 60 km length
Paved the way toward the northwest Baneh Sardasht length of 60 km
Road to the south east Baneh Marivan length to 160 km
Appellation, and historical background
Name Baneh main cities of the old province of Kurdistan, has been Brvzhh. Centuries of history within the city's current lack of resources to correct this are historical, pre-Islamic history in this city is dark. Baneh name derived from the Kurdish word > means the roof, touch the heights and how to establish location and know the city is. Such a name that means Baneh > (Abadi and housing and residence), > (U.S. camp) and «Garrison» have also interpreted. Century until the middle of the city name Hejri Baneh <> (Ftabgyr) and the documents are all in the parish center Baneh «to Roger» are called. So today in the name of some Baneh Abadi Find >, > <> <> < or without word <> there. Fire and the tribal wars of transposable elements is in place. Both the prevalence of diseases such as cholera and plague has been involved in this. With the prevalence of these illnesses, early infected Pndashth survivors place again instead of creating another city and are paid ten. Distinction in the old word for new is old is used. Now, the town cemetery northeast «Baneh old» or «old Baneh» called. Pre-Islamic Zoroastrian religion or tribe name > this area that were prevailing in the Arab attack, and after that, <ها provide religious>> instead of the government paid them. This city once before World War I and World War II on the other suffered severe fire was.

Nature Baneh County

Chm Bvyyn (cam-e buin) Baneh
This is a permanent river with a length of 35 km from the western mountain range Dvzynh (Dozineh) 15 km east Baneh originates shall, while crossing the path to rural villages Bvyyn irrigated and rural districts will be plain to Tal. The rural irrigated villages, while build two Neve Ryzabh mixture is relatively small, and 16 kilometers Southwest Baneh Chvman is to be Ryzd. This area is Persian Gulf and Sea of Makran (Oman) is. Source of height 1900 m, average slope of 7 / 1 percent of the overall route is South West
Chm basement (cam-e sardab) Baneh
This river is a permanent 11 km length of 15 kilometers southeast of Baneh is originates. The route goes south mountain range Banshvan (Bansovan) is this area is Persian Gulf and Sea of Makran (Oman) is 1600 meters, the source Vartfa. Average slope of 8 / 2 percent of the West in general and the path is.
Chm Gvyl (cam-e Govil) Baneh
This season, the river is 35 km in length of pollen western mountain range 11 kilometers east of the northern villages shall originate Baneh Path luggage Khoy (Boneh xavi) Shhrbanh, Kvkh Sadafi, Gvyl, is Tazban. Area of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Makran (Oman ) is the height of 2200 meters than the average source of 3 percent, the overall route is South West.
Chvman (coman) Baneh
This is a permanent 70 km long mountain chamber Fqyrh 20 km southeast Baneh shall originate more or less parallel to the Iran-Iraq border to West in the head and flow finds its way to route irrigated villages will. 2 Km West Village with Banshvan Chm Bvyyn and the mixture is within 2 kilometers Chm mixed together in the basement and I unto the northwest is the path of mental valleys of cockle and password and bend back the rural districts are going Rbaba and Iran-Iraq border to be. While crossing the river Tal rural plains of Iran and Iraq formed the boundary will. This section of the route to the village boundary Chvman watered and will range in western mountains Bryt (Brit) river Ryzd class.
Cave Shvvy Baneh
The cave near the border of Iran and Iraq is located 12 kilometers Baneh. The cave is 267 meters length and vehemence downward slope followed. Within alluvial cave, hair loss and is very dangerous and deep wells in the corner beside a large lobby and it is Forums. Visit the cave in this special technical equipment should be used to roll the cave. The end of the cave, there are small lakes. The cave in July 1347 by mountaineer Fars discovery preliminary study has been done.

Tombs, and the Holy shrine in Baneh County

Soleyman Bayg shrine Baneh
This place, burial place Bayg son Sulayman Mirza Bayg, Baneh rule governing the period Tahmasp twenty years that the government will Baneh. And through his Taghvai pharisee that the government had to resign their daughter born of his marriage brother Bdrbyg Dravrd Baneh rule him died and was its Voyageur Hejazi. Soleyman Bayg and garlic after seven years of travel and pilgrimage Baneh return to be the eyes and where died. He Mdfn three kilometers is located in West Baneh. The headstone on her during the years 1316 to 1320 destroyed the Solomon Bayg Died 1010 AH was written.

Vertebrate and bridges in the county Baneh

Dam ancient Shu Baneh
Remnants of the dam in the flow studies and archeological investigations in 1377 near the village of «Shu» functions Baneh County was discovered that some parts of the L سا recent works in the development process was severely damaged. Remnants of the dam 10 meters length and diameter of 4 meters of stone and mortar and concrete carcass is built. Report by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Kurdistan Province of the dam has apparently works of Sassanid.

Caravansaries, gate and market Baneh County

Caravanserai Baneh
Distance of 25 km east of the city of Baneh, beside the road Saqez - Baneh, Karvansrayy works of old with the remaining plan is mountainous Misc. The house, which was great, and long corridor in all the six parties chamber was built. All building stone built house, and all spaces are roofed with odd song. Sorry, but now foundation and walls, destroyed the remaining buildings and the need to repair wide. According to the exact construction time is not specified, but it seems that the Safavid and Qajar also made some repair if it is taken.

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[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:9 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]

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[ یکشنبه سی و یکم خرداد ۱۳۸۸ ] [ 16:8 ] [ سجاد رنجبر ]
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